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Gold Chains

14K and 22K gold chain models... Figaro chains, solid gold chains, gold rope chains all designer style and perfectly suitable with your pendants. All of our product carats are stampedit, guaranteed with the invoice and nusret brand. Browse through this inventory found on Nusret Jewelry


46,251.29 TL
18 Ayar Altın Pullu Zincir Kolye Product Code : W18KL013
21,707.70 TL
22 Ayar Altın Güllü Top Zincir Product Code : W22KL137
39,120.54 TL
14 Ayar Altın Singapur Zincir Product Code : W14KL036
3,635.32 TL
14 Ayar Altın Yılan Zincir Product Code : W14KL037
6,860.13 TL
14 Ayar Altın Halat Burgu Zincir Product Code : W14KL035
7,757.16 TL
22 Ayar Gül Model Zincir Kolye Product Code : W22KL087
41,242.28 TL
22 ayar Altın Lale Model Zincir Product Code : W22KL088
42,409.18 TL
22 ayar Altın Spiral Model Zincir Product Code : W22KL089
28,591.75 TL
18,257.62 TL
22 Ayar Altın Toplu Model Zincir Product Code : W22KL048
35,839.06 TL
34,235.72 TL
18 Ayar Altın Zincir Product Code : W18KL007
5,772.20 TL
No Stock
5,389.90 TL
No Stock
22 Ayar Altın Forse Model Zincir Product Code : W22KL052
7,774.94 TL
No Stock
Handmade bead 14k Chain Product Code : W14KL002
16,416.72 TL
No Stock
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