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Sterling Silver Alphabet Beads 

Alphabet beads; a decorative option without changing style or quality of your jewelry. Sterling silver letter beads are an easy way to symbolize your love or significate your name within a stylish piece of jewelry. In our collection there is also numbers to memorize the useful dates... Enjoy our alphabet beads and number beads, hope that you find them easy to use and suitable for your designs. Please feel free to contact with us for special request and wholesale options.


Gümüş Harf, Boncuk - AL006 Product Code : AL006
16.09 TL
Gümüş Harf, Boncuk - AL007 Product Code : AL007
35.95 TL
Gümüş Harf, Boncuk - AL008 Product Code : AL008
13.58 TL
Gümüş Harf, Boncuk - AL009 Product Code : AL009
19.97 TL
Gümüş Harf, Boncuk - AL010 Product Code : AL010
36.21 TL
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