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18K Gold Necklace

18 carat gold necklaces and pendants range from classics to the unique designs. Bircan, Butterfly, Accordion Models are available in our online store. Also you can contact with us for special designs. Begin to examine elegant 18K gold necklaces...!


18 Ayar Altın Zarif Y Model Kolye Product Code : W18KL014
5,159.61 TL
64,942.97 TL
18 Ayar Altın Halka Zincir Kolye Product Code : W18KL009
62,713.71 TL
18K Gold Tulle Daisy Necklace Product Code : W18KL001
214,564.39 TL
48,498.81 TL
No Stock
18K Gold Designer Necklace Product Code : W18KL004
67,267.19 TL
No Stock
18K Gold Tulle Accordion Necklace Product Code : W18KL002
117,601.09 TL
No Stock
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