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Contract of Sale

The time all users  finished registration to their online account they has been assume as they read and agrees contract of sale.

This contract of sale is between and the customer in virtual platform.

Business is the subject of this contract, the seller made the sale to the buyer, regarding the qualities and the selling price of the sale and delivery of the products mentioned 4077 Law on the Protection of Consumers; Distance Contracts Application of Principles and Procedures on right side and cover its obligations in accordance with Regulation.

Atahan Jewelry

All users; All buyers and shoppers which are also a member of,the e-commerce store of Atahan Jewelry. (Those will be named as customer or buyer)

Good / Product or Service; Type, Amount, Brand / Model, Color, Quantity, Purchase Price and Payment method is as stated on the site, these promises may vary without notice to the purchaser.

5.1- BUYER, Item 4th declares that the buyer has read and agrees that the fundamental characteristics of the product specified in the contract, and all preliminary information relation to the sale price with delivery of payment information electronically.
5.2- Contract products are delivered to the condition of not exceeding the statutory 30-day period for each product, depending on the distance of the settlement of the buyer or buyers within the period described in the preliminary information showed the address of the person or organization.
5.3. If the contract products will be handed over to another person or entity, SELLER shall not be liable for failure to accept delivery of the person or entity will be delivered.
5.4. Seller responsible for the delivery of contract products, intact,complete and if you have the qualifications specified in appropriate order with the guarantee of the product.
5.5. The preferred form of payment and the sale price of the contract products must be approved electronically be paid, for the delivery of the contract products. If the product is canceled for any reason , the fee is not paid or bank records canceled, seller freed from the obligation of delivery of the contract products.
5.6. After delivery of the goods if the buyer's credit card fault in a way that is not caused by buyer but caused by the bank or financial institution's, and product costs can not be used by the seller. BUYER himself has to delivered products to the SELLER in 3 work days, according to contract of sales. In such situations transport costs are borne by the buyer.
5.7.If the seller can not deliver the product in the contract period because of the adverse weather conditions, as extraordinary circumstances causing cessation of transpor, the state is obliged to inform the buyer. In this case buyer may use his rights like cancellation of the receiving order, replacing the contract products with peers or postponement of the delivery time until inhibitory state changes. In case of cancellation of the order of the recipient, the cancellation of the buyer's credit card receipt by SELLER in 7 days and the initiative of the relevant bank about to be returned to the account of the buyer  and the amount of the transaction is reported to the recipient via e-mail. Due to the delay caused by the relevant bank Seller can not  be held responsible.
5.8. BUYER and / or and the persons they want a delivery to the receiver / or organization in the event to be faulty or defective products that have been delivered, guarantee conditions within the required repair or replacement is done for the relevant product or products vendor, starting from the date of receipt by the receiving party will be dispatched within 7 days shipping costs borne by the SELLER. In such a case if the full 7-day period, the product that was received by the BUYER shall take appropriate service.
5.9. After this contract, confirmed electronically by the recipient (after registration membership) ................................ then delivered to the address validity wins.

Article 6
The buyer at the address of his contract products or show the person / organization of receipt of seven (7) has the right to withdraw within days. In order to use the right of withdrawal must be made by fax or e-mail to notify the seller within this period and unused products within the framework of the provisions of Article 7 and are required to be undamaged packaging. If this right used, the product delivered to the recipient or 3rd person by the example of cargo delivery report that is required to sent to the seller with return the original sales receipt. Be returned to the account of the buyer's credit card product price within 7 days following the receipt of these documents to the relevant bank's initiatives in SELLER. Due to deficiencies in the bank side of the return of the product price SELLER shall not be liable. If the value-added tax are not sent the original bill of sale and any other legal obligations will not be refunded. Due to the right of withdrawal cost of shipping the returned product belongs to the buyer.  Also right of withdrawal can not be used for the products which are depended on the market value.

Madde - 7 
The implementation of this contract, the Ministry of Trade and Industry up to the value declared by the consumer buyer or the seller jury settlement of consumer courts are authorized. If approved, the order electronically, the buyer shall be deemed to have accepted all the terms of the contract of sale. 

Prepared by  T-Soft E-Commerce.