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Account Policy

About Registration

Accounts in is open to any person for shopping, also dealers has seperate accounts. To be able to sign in please clickthrough. 

Please register your personal information such as name, address, e-mail, contact number while creating an online account. All the data is so important for us to be able to contact with you  if we have questions or information for you regarding your order, and also being able to send you your order. 

Registration to our online shopping system is very easy. Opening an account does not mean that you have any obligation. You could close your account any time you want. But please also read contract of sale before shopping. 

Canceling your Registration

You have the right for canceling your registration. After you cancel your registration your relation with will be end. 

To be able to cancel your registration sign in to your account and sent your request to us from contact us section. 

Registration can not be canceled under circumstances, listed above;

1-If you give your last order in 60 days.
2-If you request for cancellation from a different e-mail adress (different from registrated e-mail)
3-If we can not contact with you from registrated personal informations

Registration will be canceled without a request under circumstances listed above;

1-If an account member write unethical comments and sent us immoral messages
2-If an account member is a fraud.
3-If an account member attempt to damage our company or

Safety of an Account Member

Informations that you give while registration is safe but you should also protect the information (account ID, password). Please do not share your account ID and password with anyone, and do not sign in form different browsers if you are not sure about their safety.

Different Address

For every account a section appears while giving an order, you can give a different adress for your order than the registrated address. So you can send gifts to your friends and family.

Product Comments
Account Members may write comments about the products. While sharing informations and experiences with others, shopping will be more enjoyable.
Please be carefull while writing comments. Comments should be ethical, not disturb other members, and respectfull to the manufacturer. Comments which are not suitable, will be deleted from the system.

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